Tuesday, July 26, 2011

stuck inside

I went grocery shopping yesterday and was very surprised at myself. As I walked through the aisles of foodstuffs, I found myself grabbing things like can ravioli, frozen waffles, cheese crackers, mac and cheese, pizza and SODA! I remember just doing it and shaking my head, thinking, this has got to stop at some point. It seems like the babe inside takes control of my brain when I am around food, wanting the diet of a college bachelor. Is there a college bachelor living inside of me? Playing X-box and dipping his cheese crackers in black cherry soda pop? Must be. 
One thing that I finally did after a long hiatus, was make bread. I was able to purchase a 50lb bag of organic whole wheat flour for a stellar price. "Looks like bread is back on the menu boys." ( Said like the orc in Lord of the Rings ).  
I have had a few weeks of naseau but thank the Lord that it is gone. This morning was a bit rough because my wonderful husband has the idea for Royal and I to go on a walk. This, a very foreign concept seeing as it has been, like the rest of the country, hot. One step outside for me and all hope of having energy for the day is gone. Well, I thought, heck it isn't AS hot as it has been, sure, we will give it a try. I had to put Royal down for an early nap, because I needed one. Now I sip on Tyler's left over coffee from this morning and I am feeling good. 
Speaking of Tyler, he has been the best at taking care of me and Royal during these times. Getting up extra early, making great breakfasts; eggs, toast, potatoes, french toast. Really a life saver. 
What Royal is up to: 
alternating shaking his head yes and no when you ask him something
blabbing about things that get him excited
walking so much!
throwing fits, not cool
saying papa (sounds more like baba)
also saying ball ( ba!)
climbing up on dinner table from chair that adult forgot to push in
drinking out of normal cups when we aren't looking
giving hi-fives
pointing at his belly-button and making a grunt sound
pointing at my belly-button and doing the same
sticking out his tongue, especially when there is food on it

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