Monday, July 11, 2011

Staying busy

June has past us already. We enjoyed trips and visitors alike. One of my old bunkmates came through with her husband to see us and meet Royal for the first time. It was short and sweet. I made butter from real milk cream and lacto-fermented ketchup ( which was great on grilled-cheeses).  As always, sharing great meals with my husband. The best one last month I would have to say was PIZZA SUBS on homemade, pretty awesome bread, with canadian bacon, sweet and spicy peppers, mozzarella and crispy, salty kale. They were so good!
Unfortunately my appetite has changed drastically this past month. I find myself craving Fazoli's and pizza and mac n cheese. Keep vegetables away from me, gross. Maybe you can guess why? Royal is gonna be a big brother! As of right now I am 7 weeks pregnant and I feel exhausted.  

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  1. Congratulations, Noel + Tyler!!!!! That's very exciting.