Friday, October 7, 2011

on my insides

on our way to a beautiful wisconsin wedding
at cherokee triangle park this very morning

yep, the one inside o' me: teeny, tiny foot
little skeleton face
my favorite, curled up, head being the same size as body

We had our ultra-sound, the true test to see if we could stand our ground in not finding out the sex. It wasn't difficult as you might have thought. The wee-one distracted us enough with doing things like scratching its head with its little finger and moving its mouth open and closed. The technician was even laughing, and she does these things all day. The strangest part was seeing the shape of an eyeball and watching it move around. SERIOUSLY, a miracle this baby growing thing is.

Personally been more tired than the usual these past few days. This, unfortunately has led to some boredom, lack of motivation and depression. My midwife told me my hemoglobin levels are a bit low, of course. I know that this is attributing to how I feel. So Royal and I went to get some B-complex and kombucha. I will say that I feel better this morning. I started to think through the reasons why this morning/day has been better, listing things in my head: coffee, being outside, having more productive bm's...BUT I stopped myself, and was reminded of the prayers that my husband, as well as myself have muttered. The Lord always hears 'em. We are so good at making ourselves feel/look good with reasons, am I right?

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