Wednesday, August 25, 2010

We love Jessica!

Gentlemen's Swimming Hole taken over by the ladies (katherine really jammed her toes right after my brilliant idea to get a pic of us jumping)

me, katherine, jess, erin, steph, shelley, rebecca and lyndsy
crispy black bean and bacon tacos with scallop ceviche and guacamole!
This past weekend a great bunch of girls got to go out of town to celebrate the upcoming wedding of our dear california -turned -kentucky friend Jessica! We all had the most fun eating great meals, yelling at bears that we could not see, swimming and hot tubbing, laughing until our shoulders hurt and our eyes burst....serious goodness. 

Saturday, August 7, 2010

midwest tour: the end

OK, we had some serious fun and beach bummin with our dearest friends Bradley and Jessica. Who would have thought that Traverse City, Michigan was this beautiful? So much Lake Michigan to go around, no humidity at all, mid 70's.... sorry Louisville, kinda wanna stay. We spent the whole day today at Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore, the water was perfect, the wind was just right. The only bummer is that little Royal may have gotten a bit too much sun. He was under an umbrella the whole time, but you know that sneaky little sun has its ways. We are cooling him down and giving him an extra dose of breastmilk to make sure he is hydrated.
A long drive tomorrow, and goodbye to this place. I can't say that I miss Camp st. I know though that Royal will be a bit less crabby when he can get all the sleep that he needs. Moving him around so much has certainly taken its toll.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

midwest tour part 1

Here we are in Chicago! We visited my family in the Appleton area for 4 days than headed to Milwaukee where we stayed with our dear friend Ashlee. We enjoyed awesome pork fries and ginger snap cocktails at Honeypie, so yummy. Following, we retired to the back porch of Ashlee's apartment.

We made our way to Chicago on tuesday not before stopping to see my sister in law Kerri for a few minutes. We ate dinner at De Cero our first night in the big city. A very loud place, which was good since Royal was being a bit fussy. But very good food none-the-less. We walked back and were pleasantly surprised to turn on the tube (something that is a luxury when on vacation) and see that The Office was on. That show is something.

Today is wednesday. We got up to the sweet cooing of our son. Tyler and I love it when this happens. We lay in bed and giggle to ourselves as Royal makes the smalliest, cutest sounds in the dark. (Good News! Royal has been sleeping from 10:30-5ish! I only have to feed him once!)
We got a hold of our dearest littlest friend Elizabeth and went out for coffee at the Star Lounge. Tyler found out that the owner had been to some of the same coffee farms as us in Guatemala. Crazy! It was nice to catch up with Liz. I love seeing obvious growth in people that are dear to me.

Since we have left Louisville Royal has learned how to put his foot in his mouth as well as sit upright without help for small periods of time! It is real mind blowing how these things happen so quickly. He also is eating avocado with gusto.

Tomorrow we spend half our day here, than off to Traverse City, Mi to see Jessica and Bradley.