Thursday, February 25, 2010

live plants and things that are orange

We have been able to enjoy walks through Cherokee Park, no matter the weather.

Our new miniature fruit orchard.
38 Weeks, whoa mama.
What to do with 6 rotting bananas...
Katherine and Luke joined us for
ceviche and salbutes one last friday eve.
Just add raw mahi mahi that has been marinating in lime for 7 hours.

I ate a carrot, sweet potato, cheese crackers and drank an orange emergenC for lunch today. All of those things have something in common. What it is it? 

We went to our first appointment with the nurse-midwife today. You all might think that we are crazy changing our care providers at 38 weeks pregnant. Until we saw the “laboring tub” (more commonly known as a large bath tub) in one of the rooms at our new hospital, I thought we were crazy too. Because of Tyler’s new job as the lead designer at Southern Baptist Seminary we have been able to switch to where we wish we could’ve been this whole time. Sometimes, you just gotta be patient; real patient.

The UPS man delivered a real treat to our door today: A long box with stickers exclaiming that it contained “live plants”. Of course I warned Tyler to be careful when he opened it (Little Shop of Horrors anyone?). To our delight, yes, the plants were still alive but fortunately the only thing they will be eating dirt. Hopefully, if we do it right, over the next few months we will be able to enjoy Heritage Raspberries, Rabbiteye Blueberries and Northstar Cherries. I am also expecting a Clemetine tree, which I can use to add to my list of orange foods that I eat.

This kid will come at anytime now. We finished our natural childbirth class last night: We know now how a rolling pin, peppermint oil, chocolate and a very large beach ball can help reduce the pains of childbirth. Tyler got to witness his first up-close-and-personal delivery on video. He was sweating with very wide eyes and a hand covered mouth as a result. With that said, I have full faith in his abilities to aid me when I am the one panting and groaning. He is a wonderful man.

I continue to sip my red raspberry leaf tea in hopes that it will strengthen my uterus. Maybe the next time you hear from me, it will have pushed our baby out. 

Friday, February 19, 2010


We were just dating. Barely, dating (2005) and in New York with Coury, Anne and Nathan.

We are starting a collection here of crowns. Not the Burger King type.
Baby shower friends! Kari, Dani, Stephanie. 

My BFF  Katherine threw me an awesome baby shower introduced with a slumber party the evening before. The shower was filled with great eats, wonderful ladies and great generosity overall. Not to mention handmade scrolls (thanks Anne) and crowns throughout. 

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Random Shots from Camp St.

I am reading.
I wrote this on our wall when Tyler was away for a weekend. He responded.
Old Kentucky Whiskey box, which I brought with me from WI, with winter apparel.
Dead flowers.
Very, very dusty kitchen floor.
Tearing down the walls.
 Our wedding RSVP's.
Our first Valentine's day 3 years ago.
Drawing by Tyler.

Saturday night. Dating myself at Quill's Coffee while the husband gets sweaty kicking around a ball with a bunch of guys: How can I better treat myself than with a Decaf Miele and a chocolate cherry biscotti? Not sure. But I am certain that I am spoiling my dinner. So be it.
Demolition kitchen started yesterday; We had no cabinets or counter tops to speak of for the 1.5 years that we have been living in this house. It is amazing the motivation having a baby can put in you. Tyler is certainly feeling the pressure as these projects, and time, close in around him. But do not fret, we are spending precious moments together being lazy, reading, watching The Office, and anticipating the arrival of our new friend, Royal. I still wonder every week that passes how it is possible for my skin to stretch any further. My mom told me that as long as my belly button is not fully pressed out, there is room there. Who knew?