Friday, January 22, 2010

Wisconsin and other winter activities

A new addition to the Camp street house, Izaak was born on January 11th. We are all happy to have him on this side of the womb.
Prepping lunch at my little sister's apartment. Tyler and I enjoyed spending time with Gracie and playing mario kart was a bonus.
My mom, sister and sister-in-law put together a nice shower for Royal. I got to be around some wonderful ladies.
Ann Rice is a gem. Who would have thought that she was in her 50's?
My oldest niece, Kassidy Grace Noel.
Me and a lumberjack. He plans to cut his beard when Royal is born. Any bets as to how long it'll be in 7 weeks?
Tyler and Hunter Lee, our nephew.
We had a night with Sam and Todd, eating falafels and playing Phase 10 at their apartment.

And of course, our lovely chickens. Who are, I hate to admit it sometimes, cute. 

Baby Shower Wish List for Royal

Hey everybody. Thanks for taking the time to visit our blog to see what we are still in need of. Besides Babies R Us (which there are quite a few things on there that we need), I wanted to post a list so that there is an option to support other places. So here it is!


-changing pad cover
(purchased: reusable nursing pads)
- soft terry cloths for reusable cloths
-almond oil, (purchased: apricot kernel oil), lavender oil
-small tupperwares
-diaper bag
-wooden toys
-(purchased: bilingual books)
cloth diaper pins
-if you are a mom and have a secret item that you could not live without, I will take that also

Please try to stick to one of the lists, we have gotten many things already and would like to not have repeats. And of course, share the load if you need to!

Sunday, January 3, 2010


Kitchenaid Stand Mixer for my birthday from Tyler makes wonderful things.
I no longer have to clock in anywhere! First real day off. I stayed in pj's until 4pm.
Celebrate the New Year with a virgin Mojito. 
A secret spy visitor came to dinner:
Ashlee "Mug Time" Krull! All the way from Milwaukee.
Preparing the main dish for our feast of roasted chicken, potato and celeriac au gratin, spinach salad and home made bread. 
On our way to Deeb christmas with the neph's.