Friday, October 30, 2009

Week 20 and Prince Royal Oakland

It has been confirmed that there is indeed a little man inside of me. Tyler and I got to see his tangled, boney, beating and kicking self for the first time the day before our 3 year anniversary. It was a treat to see the goodness of creation being formed so delicately and perfectly inside of me.
We were not in the least bit surprised when we saw baby boy parts seeing as Tyler has only brothers and nephews. 
The name of our son will be Royal Oakland Deeb. 

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Honey comb, bears and knotted paper

I ate honey comb for the first time since my grandmother Kathryn Huelsbeck passed away some 18 years ago. I would look at it in the natural food store that we frequent and remember the sweetness in my mouth from so many years before. Friends of ours gave us a jar as a gift! Imagine my delight as my mind was flooded with memories. 

The baby within me has learned some killer boxing moves and is not afraid to show them off. The first night that it decided to show off was exciting and eery all the same. It was moving around so much that I began to think of it as an alien trying to escape. Not real pleasant, I know, but that is where the eery part comes in. Tyler has not been quite quick enough yet to feel the movements but in due time he shall see. 

Tomorrow (sunday) will be 20 weeks for us. That is half-way which is a bit hard to believe. The first trimester went by so snail-like and the last month and a half flew by. I can see that I am growing much quicker now. Learning to how to finagle outfits together without having to buy new stuff is my new demise. 

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

To the end

Top 10 things from Oregon:
1. Sleeping through the night for at least 10 hours
2. Going to the coast and having Tyler say to me "You know you are my best friend, right?"
3. Having a Stumptown Coffee only 2 blocks away at all times
4. Laughing, walking through Laurelhurst Park at night, waking up early and walking to get coffee
5. Drinking a maple syrup and brown sugar latte from Astoria Coffeehouse
6. Hiking in the Columbia Gorge
7. Giving one another our undivided attention
8. Feeling the first real discernible movement of our babe
9. Talking about our future hopes while driving through old growth forest
10. Tyler saying "I hate it when things have to die for no reason" as he is picking up banana slug after banana slug off the trails

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Portland and the Coast

We are celebrating 3 years of growth and love in our commitment as a wedded pair. Things that are involved in this celebration include being in Portland, Or with our friend Daniel. We kicked off the week with making a double pumpkin pie from scratch and cooking it in a cast iron skillet. Also we boiled an entire chicken down into soup for the week. After 2 days in the city, both which were started out right with Stumptown Coffee (2 blocks from Daniel's residence), Tyler and I headed toward the coast. We ended up in Seaside for one night and realized that it didn't have much to offer us as a small coastal town that catered to tourists. So we got back in the Volvo and drove up to Astoria, apparently the first settlement this side of the Mississippi. While there we snooped through book stores and thrift shops as well as galleries and a hotel. We ate dinner of halibut and chips with rockfish tacos at Fort George Microbrewery, walked through lots of mist and rain, laughed, talked of our future, slept 10 hours, enjoyed coffee and study time along with waffles and fruit the next morning. 
I love these times that we get to experience because it is always a reminder of how good God is. Often we project our hopes for the future; being careful of what we ask for because we know to expect it to come to fruition. We can look back at the things that we prayed for in the past and see them in our lives as blessings. 
We have 6 more days until we get back to the south. Plans of hiking and eating good food are ahead.

Friday, October 9, 2009

The Deebs are back

Try as I might, getting online is not an easy task for me. But I dislike the idea of being disconnected from friends and family even more than  sitting in front of a computer. So here we are again, this time, we will attempt to keep you posted on what it looks like for a Tyler and a Noel to prepare for a child. I will say that thus far, 17ish weeks in to it, we have been blessed with an easy pregnancy. Some mornings I wake up forgetting that I am incubating another life, it has been that simple. We get more excited as I grow (gaining 8 whole pounds last I was weighed). We will find out what the little thing is the 27th, one day before our 3 year anniversary. Don't worry, we are telling.