Wednesday, January 4, 2012


I have not been on here in so long. 2 main reasons: my camera has broke due to some slamming and dropping by my dear son and I have not had my computer for about a month ( a friend is borrowing it and I am using hers, therefore I don't have any pics of ours anyway ). Everything is good here after the settling down after the holidays. We had a weekend packed full of birthday and christmas celebrations which were wonderful and very tiring all at once. 32.5 weeks pregnant and counting. Lil baby is in proper position and growing steadily, kicking my ribs, hips and bladder all the while. The second time around is more exhausting as I am having to chase after and cart around a 30+ lb toddler. ( Just guessin at Royal's weight). Naps are necessary as is good nutrition and exercise. I am doing best at the former. We go to see our family in Wisconsin next week. Always looking forward to that. Happy New Year!