Thursday, November 3, 2011

Royal and Izaak hung out the other day: eating eachothers snacks, watching a cartoon.
Royal playing in our recently emptied compost pile.
He was there for quite awhile, I found him with a slug in his mouth eventually.
Something that my pre-mom self would probably cringe at:
It was so cute and fun. Royal, a pumpkin, Izaak, a lamb.

We celebrated 5 years of marriage this past weekend. Instead of doing something crazy like leaving town for 10 days to go on a 12 hr road trip, we decided to stay in Louisville and get a sitter for Royal. We were baby free for four days and did things that we used to do. Not saying that it was better, or worse than pre-baby life. It was good to have the experience for perspective. I was excited to get back to mommy-ing at the end of it all. I like our schedule, I sleep better, feel better knowing what to expect. One night we drank coffee at like 5:30pm (an old habit) as one of our acts of celebrating. I was up until 4am as a result! It was nice laying in bed until 9:30 or so, going to a cafe to eat breakfast, read, play scrabble for as long as we wished.

I love our son. This morning we slow danced to Tony Bennett, Royal's head resting upon my shoulder....melting. We also "carved" our two small pie pumpkins together, pulling out the guts and throwing them in a bowl. He did well.