Tuesday, August 30, 2011

the end of summer

smashin/eatin tomatoes and peppers

got this carrot flower

made these with cornmeal raspberry muffins with our very own raspberries

one of these guys got a hair cut, can you guess?

learnin what to do in front of a camera

lacto rainbow salsa, excited to crack this open come winter

Once again another summer passes, once again I don't do as much as I had anticipated. We put up a good amount of tomato sauce for winter pizzas, made some fermented cukes, froze a bit of snap peas and kale but that's about it.
I blame it on the pregnancy. 14 weeks now and we have decided to NOT find out the sex of this one. Many guesses on a girl because of how I have felt physically, but, who really knows. We won't be able to have a homebirth, which I had finally felt good about after much deliberating (in my head). The midwife that would do it, can't do it. She isn't seeing anybody when I am do. Oh well.
As the summer heat wears off, so does our laziness. We find ourselves once again walking Cherokee, only now Royal walks along side of us. He much prefers this over being in his stroller.
We will be in Wisconsin this month, briefly, for a much anticipated wedding. And next month we are planning a bigger trip to celebrate 5 years of great memories together!

Sunday, August 21, 2011


Just sayin' Hi!