Wednesday, January 12, 2011

a busy January

Here's the salve that I made! It turned out great except the scent was very light. More essential oils next time. It does cure those cracked wintery hands.
We also made soap! It proved to be more work than we anticipated. I got the flu the morning we started so I didn't do much! But Tyler and the Groces stuck it out and made it happen.
Here we are at the awards banquet for Tyler. He had 3 pieces receive recognition! Two of them got gold and one silver. We heard that the judges were pretty strict on the ones they let in. 
I made walnut-orange tartlets for New Year's. They were real yummy, the crust was so flaky and pastry dough-like.
Oh, just this guy being tough and standing with one hand. 
Hard to believe, but we celebrated Izaak Criglers 1st birthday on 1/11/11! He was a bit under the weather and wouldn't eat his cake!

The rest of this month is filling up quick with many things. We leave tomorrow to see my family in Wisconsin. Soon as we get back we have a wedding to celebrate with 2 parties, babysitting for four days in a row (including overnight!) than a wedding that I am in the first weekend in February! We continue to seek the Lord in our family, marriage and relationships. We are always amazed when we reflect on the ways that we are taken care of!

Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year.

I was excited to be able to use my birthday money to order seeds for our garden. We skipped out on it last year so I am doubly stoked on this coming season. I ordered from Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Co. They have so many beautiful and interesting varieties it was hard to choose. Here is what I decided on...
-atomic red and lunar white carrots
-parisian pickling cuke
-blue curled scotch kale
-cimmaron lettuce
-may queen lettuce
-coban orange flesh melon (from coban, guatemala, where we have been!)
-sugar ann snow pea
-robertos cuban seasoning pepper
-coban red pimiento
-gigante d'inverno spinach
-buttercup squash
-purple coban tomatillo
-royal chico tomato
-orange fleshed purple smudge tomato
We still plan to be involved with a CSA; but my hopes are to really preserve some food this year. I was able to save (by roasting or blanching and freezing) only a small bit last year. Salsa, sauces, chutneys, pickles, and lacto-fermented veggies here we come!

Royal is getting around by rolling, sliding, twisting and turning but not so much crawling. He does this london bridge type thing where he sticks his booty in to the air, as if he wants to stand. He attempts to pull himself up but we all know he isn't going anywhere just yet with those weak arms.

This month Tyler and I will be fasting one day a week to focus on praying and thinking about our next step in the adoption process. We have been stuck in the same spot for awhile: Not knowing where to adopt from. I have not stopped loving the idea of Latin America but honestly, there are so many orphans everywhere it is difficult to narrow it down!

We are on our way to wisconsin in less than 2 weeks to be with my family for our christmas celebration. Royal has not seen them in about 3.5 months. It is hard to be away from them when Royal is changing so rapidly.

Lastly, we entered some of Tyler's designs in a city-wide contest to see who is the awesomest designer. Well, he was chosen and now his work is going to be shown at a pretty serious gallery. Basically, he is awesome and is one of the best designers in Louisville (just braggin). So this friday we are gonna go and pay some good money to see the work displayed. He will also be getting an award. If anything, it's good publicity and an opportunity to have more relationships with people outside of our church family. Tyler loves talking to people and he is real good at it to!