Monday, December 13, 2010

more family photos and proyectos

We have had lots of snow for these parts. The most, I think, since I have lived here. Makes these pics look nice with the sunshine and tank tops. Our house has been in disarray for over a week now: I am patiently waiting for our kitchen to be finished. Patiently. I am also reminded that it certainly will not make me more complete as a mama/wife and homemaker. It is hard not to be complainy and I give credit to Tyler in this time for putting up with me and showing me what patience really looks like. 

Today Royal and I went to the Seminary to have brunch with Tyler and his co-workers. I made a quiche, crust and all, that was yummy. It was also a hit! Eggs, bacon, leeks, broccoli, sun-dried toms, mozzarella, sage, pepper, raw milk and cream baked into greatness. I normally don't like to make things that involve crusts because the crust part takes extra time. But it is rewarding to make your own, flaky, tender, flour, butter and ice cold water. 

My exploration of handmade products, ie deoderant, shampoo, face wash, conditioner (just use apple cider vinegar, leaves hair shiny and snarl free!) continues as I attempt to make a hand/body salve. I started with 1/2 cup mixed rosemary and lavender from the backyard along with calendula in a glass mason jar with 1 1/2 cups olive oil. Placed in crockpot on top of towel and cover, set on lowest setting. Let olive oil infuse for a couple days than strain out herbs. With double broiler, melt generous 1/4 cup beeswax pastilles than slowly mix with olive oil! 

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Merry December

Right now, the snow is falling gently, like a giant is shaking his dandruff laden head in slow motion, only pretty. This doesn't happen too often in Kentucky so I try to take it in. I am sitting next to a fire and drinking homemade hot chocolate waiting for Tyler to return from Kmart. Yep, they still exist and the only reason I know that is because our neighbor across the street occasionally knocks on our door requesting a ride to pick up something that has been put on sale. Last time a boombox and Pepsi, this time a space heater "that more or less (his fave choice of words) is only $44.95 today."

We all are a wee bit under the weather, but that comes with the cold. I attempt some "witchcraft" like eating raw garlic dripped with honey, steeping elderberries, rubbing Royal with olive oil and eucalyptus and keeping the humidifier going, but the noses continue to run. Our bodies can handle it, we just need to give them a bit of encouragement by resting.

Our kitchen has been under construction this week, drywalling in prep for new cabinets. I have not been able to cook much, which has led to a pretty relaxed week. It is amazing how much time I spend in the kitchen. Didn't realize it until now. I do enjoy it and it is a practical way to take care of my family: with some good food.

Love the Christmas season. Thinking a lot about traditions to start with our family. Exciting.