Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Been a long time.

Hi friends and family. We have been a busy bunch this month, hence the lack of posting. I have not been taking pictures either so this may not be too interesting...but I will try my best.
At the end of Sept. Tyler and I were blessed to be in our dear friends Bradley and Jessica's wedding. It was a joyous time with dancing, good food and fancy dress. In Oct. we had to say goodbye to our dear friends Jason, Kari and their spider-monkey son Izaak. We all knew it was coming but when it really happend, it was sort of unbelievable. They were able to secure an apartment in the south-end, where they feel they need to be, and so after 2.5 years of living together they packed up their things. It was been a surreal adjustment for us all. Tyler and I sit around the dinner table thinking about how we need people in our home. We definitely have enjoyed certain aspects of having the home to ourselves (Royal having his own room!) but are reminded how community, particularly God's community, is vital to our health as a married couple. We can't, and don't want to, go at it alone. So Deeb dinner parties and fireside readings are being conjured up in our hearts and minds as you read this. In mid-Oct my mama came to see us for a weekend. She was able to witness the dedication of Royal at Sojourn and celebrate with the rest of the Deeb family. It was a nice time and I was very thankful to have her here. (She did have a two-person hot tub in her hotel room which was nice to indulge in.) Royal is 7 months old! He sits up on his own, screeches, growls, flails his arms, eats whole bananas, laughs, has pirahna sharp teeth and pretty much makes us smile whenever we are around him. Tyler and I have been researching and taking steps to secure a brother for Royal. It will be a long road, but we are convinced that going through the adoption process will be worth it. Something to be praying about for us! Scripture talks about caring for orphans and widows so there is no need to feel "called" to do this. It is commanded of us already.