Thursday, April 29, 2010

Royal goes to WI

noel (royal?)
tyler (royal?)
ella, royal, madison, hunter: cousins

uncle caleb
aunt kerri
grandma ann and auntie gracie
grandpa greg
grandpa jim
great-grandma laura

We had a nice time meeting the rest of the family. Royals cousins took to petting him softly on the head and tummy. Great-grandma could only hold him for so long because "My, he is heavy." Grandma Ann took him out of my arms the moment we came up the stairs in the morning. "It's like christmas every morning!" She stated joyfully. Auntie Gracie had tears in her eyes at the thought of us leaving, she fell in love very quickly. Royal; a heartbreaker at the age of 6 weeks. We too will miss our family in wisconsin. Sigh. 

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

almost a month.

the krull sisters passed through town 

a picture of tired

thanks for the cloth diapers uncle josh and aunt jenni!
Just a quick note to throw some pictures up. We have made it through the first month. Whew, can't hardly believe it. We become more and more comfortable with being parents. It is incredible the ability to function on sooo little sleep, but somehow we do it.