Monday, December 21, 2009

trimester 3+20 LBS

The luxuries of bending over, breathing steadily after ascending a flight of stairs and sleeping on my stomach are now things of the past. I was asked to stop cleaning at work today because of how ridiculous I probably looked all bent over with a rag and Pledge. Or it could've been that my co-workers are sweet and don't want me doing things that are uncomfortable. Like eating donuts. Which I think I will stop doing because after the episode that is put before you here, I found myself in a coma like state un-able to enjoy the rest of my sunday morning with Tyler. Two days later I found out that I am anemic. Good news is that Royal is getting all the iron that he needs; because he is taking it from me. This explains the near fainting episodes that I have had at work and the occasional fatigue. But now I have little red pills that contain 325 mgs of ferrous sulfate, that is iron, to take once a day to stop these things from happening. Fortunately, I only have 5 more shifts left at the coffee shop and none of them involve me getting up at 5:30 am. Unfortunately, iron causes constipation. Hello prunes and coconut water. 
So christmas is upon us, which also means that one more year of this life I have been given has passed. That adds up to 27 now. At 27, I am 28 weeks pregnant. I would not have it any other way. If I were not pregnant I couldn't laugh as my husband puts his mouth directly on my stomach and talks to our son, saying things like "Royal, wake up! It's time to go to school!" Which ends up sounding like an orc underwater to me, so I can only imagine what it sounds like to Royal. 

Other goodies to share:
We got a centimeter or two of snow
Our chickens gave us 3 eggs this morning, I promptly fried one up. Fresh out of the vent!
My dear friend Ashlee is getting on a plane that is coming here sunday
Christmas with the Deebs this weekend
Birthday dinner tomorrow night at Havana Rumba for me!