Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Week 23, tired eyes.

Chugging hot chocolates with Tyler. He is not so much chugging, Royal and I are. Filling up a little space before we eat dinner at Coury and Anne's. Babysitting the elfling Elias and brother Abel for the evening whilst there parents go out and remember what it was like to not have two rambunctious but beautiful children. Someday, we will recollect those memories as well.

We switched OB's and are very pleased with our new Doctor. She is a helping hand in what is finally recognized as our pregnancy. We had been a bit uneasy about not gettting what we desired for the birth but it seems that everything will be ok, of course it will. 

Royal continues to grow. All I can picture is a little lebanese man; a small Tyler, inside of my womb.